Friday, June 24, 2011

MY Etsy is up and Running/ posting once a month?

 My Etsy is open, but...

Well , I've come to the conclusion that I just don't seem to be able to blog more than once a month right now!

So much going on and so little time in my hectic summer days.

This Blog has had a lot of kinks and I'm not very good at figuring out how to fix them, so...

 I have been creative instead.

Bear with me as I try to fix the issues here.
It certainly has been a learning experience!

I love the computer but not the time it takes away from other things I'd rather do.

I do hope to devote more time here soon,

  but for now:     
I will just relax and be content with once a month at the very least.
I will say that my Etsy is up and running,

and although it's a small attempt it is fun!!!!

I certainly hope to improve it as I go along and will be also adding many Christmas things.

I love Christmas and as an example of that love I'll be having

A Christmas in July posting soon!

Until later come on over
 take a peek at my etsy
and let me know what you'd like to see offered there!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm Back...

It's been a very busy few days and not a whole lot of creativity has been going on,
Just when I think I can start playing with my many ideas something or someone needs me more.
That's okay and necessary but,...

Now, for some serious creativity!
Don't you just love these cinnamon apples!
Nothing unusual about cinnamon and apples,
 but these are so pretty and fun to create.

And just look at this new cutter Mike bought for me at an area Antique shop.
The cutter is a nice heavy copper one!

Isn't he just adorable?!!!

He's a wonderful 7 inches wide.
 I put hooks in him so you could use him in the kitchen or even next to the door for keys.

Cinnamon dough is very durable so the possibilities are as many as my imagination! ... Most of the time.

And how about this new found Cat?
(Oops, excuse the finger prints, the camera doesn't miss much, does it Mike?)

she's so fun!
I found a package of mirrors at the craft store.
I couldn't wait to see if they would fit this new kitty.
A few flowers and a couple of hooks too. (buried in those flowers are two golden hooks).

I really like my creations to be useful.
Somehow the older I get I find I don't want just ornaments, everything has to have a purpose.

Now for a sneak preview of my newest Christmas cutter.

I just LOVE cinnamon dough and Christmas!
That's when the ideas are so many I have to fight to stay focused. 
This wonderful cutter is a generous 7 inches across and really looks fantastic in the window.
Lots of glitz and pearls. Even a tiny mirror in the center!

Now isn't that festive?!!!
Don't forget
all these creations :
just as great as they look!

Well, That's it for today, hope you enjoyed my new creations. Stay tuned for my up coming ETSY!
Still working out a few "kinks",
but it's in the works!!!...really.
Many Blessings, Gentle hugs, Trudy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to the Naples Valley

Let's take a trip in to the Naples Valley:
Beautiful  Canandaigua Lake
Naples is located at the south end of Canandaigua Lake
Here we are at the top of county road 12,  about 3 miles from my home . 

County road 12 takes you into the Naples valley.

Here's my Apartment House

And now,
  Across the street from my Apartment house

Here's why everything in Naples is PURPLE!

Grapes have been grown here since the 1800s

Every hill, every open field here is a grape vineyard!

As you walk through town you'll see purple on houses.

The businesses and even the police department have purple grapes

Here's one of the ambulances that Mike drives.

 To be able to live here among the vineyards and wonderful mountains  is such a joy and blessing.

Mike and I walk almost every day and just love it!
We never tire of the beauty!

God's handiwork is so amazing!

Did you enjoy our little road trip?

Thanks so much for coming along!
Have a save trip back home

Hope you'll want to visit again!

  I'll be showing off a few of my new cinnamon creations,
until then...

 Great Big Gentle Hugs and Showers of Blessings,

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A whole week of rain!

It's  been extremely rainy and wet here in North Western New York, with not much opportunity to get pictures of the beautiful Naples Valley !
Lots of flooding and not much sun!

I did accomplish a lot of cinnamon dough projects, though and I'll share pictures soon.

Today, Saturday, is sunny and warm and I'm at work , soooo...

We'll hope for the best this coming week. 
I can't wait to show you some of the highlights of living among these beautiful mountains.

Now , isn't this a great picture!? LOL
  There's a lot of purple here!

 See, even our fire hydrants are purple,
 (a little muddy right now, but purple ).

Next time, I'll share why Naples is so purple.

More next week...
Until then, Blessings and hugs,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Up and Running?!

Well , it's been much longer than I expected but I'm back with more photos and more ideas !

My wonderful friend Mike has provided me with new cookie cutters and inspiration!

He's also taken all my photos for me.
      Yeah Mike!!! Couldn't do it with out you!!!
      As I promised , here's a little something three dimensional with the cinnamon dough.

    This pomander ball has a few cloves added and of course smells nice!                       
                          What a great gift!

This one in the photo made it into a "Raffle Basket"
   Mike had a little help taking photos:

                    This is our Assistant ,"Calvin".

He's sure that his help is always needed.
Calvin has been with me for 11 years and quite verse on the crafting world!

The contents of the basket  (without our Assistant)
 The basket contained the pomander ball, a little sack of potpourri mix (cinnamon, of course), 3 ornaments, a teapot trivet, some chocolate foil eggs and 2 sets of hand stamped cards. Approx. $50 worth of treasures.

Here in our  town of Naples, NY we have a volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Mike is very active in the organization. He drives ambulance 3 or 4 days a week depending on the need.

The area American Legion has a benefit dinner for the Naples Ambulance once a month.

This month I wanted to contribute in some way so I donated this basket of Cinnamon Creations.

That's it for now,
lots more to do!

Next time I'll share a little more about the Naples Valley ! (and more cinnamon too!)
Until Then,

Great BIg Gentle Hugs and Blessings, Trudy

Friday, April 8, 2011

Time to get Busy

Well the first post as come and gone and now it's time to get busy.

Cinnamon Kitties in a basket
 These kitties were a lot of fun.
The cutter has the tail attached to the side of his body. I cut it down his side and curled it to lay on his side in a more natural pose.
Simple cutter shapes can be changed easily to look just a little more enjoyable.

A whole flock of sheep

This sheep has mustard seed "fleece"

Some of my sheep have cloves glued on for fleece and others have some wonderful clear glitter.
The cloves add wonderful fragrance to an already gentle cinnamon smell.

A whole collection of hearts
These hearts are addicting.
So much you can do with a simple shape. Some have the wavy edge and some are smooth.
Then of course a lot of playing with embellishments.  A little glitter, flowers, ribbons and lace. A gold hanging cord finishes them off nicely.

Later I'll share some three dimensional shapes that are a little bit of a challenge but so worth the effort . Until then,

Have a wonderful week and we'll see you soon.

 Time to get busy

Great Big Gentle Hugs and blessings , Trudy

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A New Day

Well, here we go... My first post.
I am so looking forward to the days ahead.
I love new adventures and hope to make a few new friends along the way.

  I never thought I would be sharing my creativity on the web. Seemed like a far away land I didn't really care to visit. But, technology has a way of changing all of us even if we're not all that interested.

I 've learned to enjoy the computer world quite a bit. I'm always amazed at the ease in finding out information, say nothing of the speed. 

Soon I also hope to open my own Etsy. I've added a few photos of my latest projects.

I love working with Cinnamon dough and have found that there aren't many people out there enjoying it a much as I do.

Most of my web searches bring up making Christmas ornaments with children. Although a few have branched out and done more than ornaments.

 Keep watch and you"ll see how cinnamon dough is just perfect for us adults as well as children and that it's fun year around not just Christmas! Until next time...
Great Big Gentle Hugs and Blessings!