Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm Back...

It's been a very busy few days and not a whole lot of creativity has been going on,
Just when I think I can start playing with my many ideas something or someone needs me more.
That's okay and necessary but,...

Now, for some serious creativity!
Don't you just love these cinnamon apples!
Nothing unusual about cinnamon and apples,
 but these are so pretty and fun to create.

And just look at this new cutter Mike bought for me at an area Antique shop.
The cutter is a nice heavy copper one!

Isn't he just adorable?!!!

He's a wonderful 7 inches wide.
 I put hooks in him so you could use him in the kitchen or even next to the door for keys.

Cinnamon dough is very durable so the possibilities are as many as my imagination! ... Most of the time.

And how about this new found Cat?
(Oops, excuse the finger prints, the camera doesn't miss much, does it Mike?)

she's so fun!
I found a package of mirrors at the craft store.
I couldn't wait to see if they would fit this new kitty.
A few flowers and a couple of hooks too. (buried in those flowers are two golden hooks).

I really like my creations to be useful.
Somehow the older I get I find I don't want just ornaments, everything has to have a purpose.

Now for a sneak preview of my newest Christmas cutter.

I just LOVE cinnamon dough and Christmas!
That's when the ideas are so many I have to fight to stay focused. 
This wonderful cutter is a generous 7 inches across and really looks fantastic in the window.
Lots of glitz and pearls. Even a tiny mirror in the center!

Now isn't that festive?!!!
Don't forget
all these creations :
just as great as they look!

Well, That's it for today, hope you enjoyed my new creations. Stay tuned for my up coming ETSY!
Still working out a few "kinks",
but it's in the works!!!...really.
Many Blessings, Gentle hugs, Trudy